Check out the Guardian’s Climate Data Dashboard

“MunichRe NatCatSERVICE (offline) – NOT IF, BUT HOW
In the past 38 years there were 18,169 events or catastrophes (offline)
with over Overall losses: US$ 4,798 bn in financial losses and 1,739,485 fatalities (offline)

Climate Central has a Coastal Risk Screening Tool – Land projected to be below annual flood level in 2050

Climate Reanalyzer, an interactive website for visualizing an array of climate and weather models and station data.
Climate Futures and Climate Reanalyzer are initiatives of the Climate Change Institute (CCI) at the University of Maine.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an overview of the already observable effects on the environment of global climate change. Also see the Images of Change Gallery!
Consequences for Europe and effects on Nature (by WWF)

climate change - strategic intelligence
climate change – strategic intelligence

McKinsey & Company – How companies can adapt to climate change

Bloomberg Data Dash: A (depressing) Live Climate Scoreboard for the World

Yale Climate Connections – 20 climate studies from 2020 – These free studies and reports contain the latest authoritative information about food security, U.S. flood risks, renewable energy, and much more.

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