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Collage of thousands of activist’s digital strike photos – by @fff_digital

/ Chris used to be ‘Global Vice President – Digital Marketing’ at Microsoft & Nokia, before retiring 6 years ago and since then exploring the world, experiencing the climate crisis first hand and often advising startups.

He has been concerned about the climate crisis since at least 2005 and since June 2019 he has been helping – with his knowledge – FridaysForFuture and the climate movement full-time (pro-bono).


He’s advising www.FridaysForFuture.de in regards to strategy, cooperation, campaigns and Social Media, for the local groups FFF Berlin and international
He also helps to manage the German FFF LinkedIn Page.

In addition, he supported #AC2106 / #EndeGelände, #SoKoFuture, #SMILEforFuture, #NoKo and many strikes in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Dortmund…

His combined (Digital) Marketing knowledge has been passed on to hundreds of activists in the wider Climate Movement through his ‘Digital Climate Communicationtraining among others, at #SoKo, #SMILEForFuture, #WebinareForFuture, OG Berlin, OG Munich, OG Heidelberg, OG Hamburg/NoKo, Berliner ClimateDay, XR ActionWeek Berlin, at the XR National Meeting, www.klimafakten.de, HealthForFuture, CAN – Climate Action Network International and StudentsForFuture.

Together with www.TogetherForFuture.net he has developed with the EngageLab, Berlin the campaigns15centsForFuture‘‚ 114kForFuture’, 24.04. and 25.09 for www.klima-streik.org (German alliance of over 300 NGOs/Groups/Movements), which has mobilized hundreds of thousands of adults in Germany for the big global quarterly strikes on 29.09., 29.11.19, 24.04.20 and 25.09.
The newest digital campaign is Zukunft-sichern.

Internationally, he helped with the redesign of www.FridaysForFuture.org and the #FightFor1Point5 campaign.
He founded the EngageLab and is member of the international Climate Advocacy Lab and 350’s Global Storytelling Team.
He also engages with the UN, UNESCO, GYBN, IUCN, EU Commission: GreenSpiderNework, CAN, ECF, GSCC, diverse NGOs and other Climate Initiatives…because our House is on Fire! #ClimateCrisis

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