.org relaunch

In August 2019, we got an email from a webdesign agency in Berlin, that does work for NGOs: www.zitrusblau.de offering to relaunch the .org website for free!

Quickly, we assembled a team of young FFF activists to help with this exciting opportunity:

  • Samuel was leading the overall User Experience (UX), including User Interface Design (UI, done by the agency), Sitemap & Wireframes (having read lots of the latest research on this topic, he’s now a UX expert!)
  • Isabella and Monica were responsible for collection of the content (text, images, videos that were either already on the website or on the int. Wiki and the SMILE Lausanne site, as we didn’t want to re-create content but use what the movement already had created). They also added invaluable insights from the Psychology and Social Science side of Climate Communication.
  • Simon offered to help guide the agency’s developers and the current site admins into an effective collaboration to ensure the new version of the site is cutting edge when it comes to web technologies. He’s now the respected Hacker of the team.
  • Monica and Chris (strategy, agency management) stood ready to help with the project management, weekly concalls and proper documentation of this project.
  • Many other experts (FFF Activists, external Developers, Journalists, ClimateOutreach.org, etc.) were consulted and contributed their time and expertise for free.
  • Jens and Jan followed the process and helped with technical and security aspects.
  • Many companies and services offered to help as well. Find out more about them here.
.org relaunch - sitemap
.org relaunch – sitemap

The refreshed website is to serve as a Gateway into the World of FFF and its role is to provide basic and general content only, in order to direct the visitors (250k per month) as fast and simply as possible to the national FFF Channels.

It follows a Mobile 1st Strategy, ensuring that the UX (User Experience) is utilizing Touch navigation and small mobile screens and low computing power.

The website caters to all global audiences (young and old, engaged/new) and complies with the latest web standards (e.g. gender-balanced language, accessibility and security standards).

.org relaunch - feedback - 91 years old
.org relaunch – feedback – 91 years old

Also, it’s developed as an open source project and the created code can be utilized for other FFF sites.

FFF Digital Strike - Earth Collage
FFF Digital Strike – Earth Collage

It aims to move visitors up the Engagement Pyramid and its user journeys are designed to anticipate the visitor’s next level of engagement in the climate movement.

Engagement Pyramid
Engagement Pyramid

An exciting new feature is the Social Movement Feed. It collects and presents the best (in terms of Likes/Shares) posts of all known official FFF national and international social media channels (currently over 200 Channels with over 20m Followers; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).

To ensure that small channels/countries get a chance to be displayed as well, all channels are weighted by follower numbers.
This feed is fully automated and controlled by a neutral algorithm and – of course – open source. Here is the RSS Feed of the SMF.

  • .org relaunch - smf
    .org relaunch - smf

With the launch of the refreshed website, we offered a visitor survey to collect all feedback, ideas and thoughts to form the basis of the ongoing effort to make it even greater…it’s the same cool system we used to iterate the staged website pre-launch

Below, you can watch the Video recording of our case study call:

We very much hope that everybody will love the new site as much as we do and see it as an ever-evolving Gateway into the exciting world of FridaysForFuture!

The Team
.org relaunch - team
.org relaunch – team

Download the .org case study

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