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Welcome to the 1st ‘Alliance Campaign’ for the mobilization of adults in Germany for the 20.09.2019. Globally, 7.6 million people demanded action after a week of climate strikes.

Move fast and break things
Move fast and break things

You can find information about the German Group of NGOs / ForFuture organizations and Associations (300+) here: www.klima-streik.org.

campaign 20.09.2019 - bündnis
campaign 20.09.2019 – bündnis

This bought digital media campaign ran 4 weeks before the biggest global quarterly strike of the Fridays For Future movement.

  • campaign 20.09.2019 - sharepic
    campaign 20.09.2019 - sharepic

We utilized 80 ads in 14 media channels and achieved a cost per striker of €0.15 and mobilized 108,171 adults in the Top5 Cities in Germany!

This campaign was soley funded by www.TogetherForFuture.net, a non-profit in Berlin supporting www.FridaysForFuture.de and the Climate Movement in Germany.

  • campaign 20.09.2019 - strikers
    campaign 20.09.2019 - strikers

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the video ads, that ran.

campaign 20.09 case study

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