25.09 Global Day of Action

Welcome to the 4th ‘Alliance Campaign’ (1. 20.09.2019, 2. 29.11.2019, 3. 24.04.2020) for the mobilization of adults in Germany for the 25.09.2020 global quarterly physical strike. With over 200,000 of participants in 461 Towns and cities, it was the biggest physical strike in times of the Corona Crisis to date! #KeinGradWeiter

You can find information about the Group of NGOs, associations and ForFuture groups here: www.klima-streik.org.

  • 25.09. Campaign - Overview
    25.09. Campaign - Overview

This bought digital media campaign ran 3 weeks before the actual strike of the Fridays For Future movement.

We utilized 60 ads in Facebook & Goolge and auto-optimized them on CpC (as there were cookie-opt-in challenges with the conversion pixel making it impossible to optimize on CpE).

  • 25.09. Campaign - Key Ads
    25.09. Campaign - Key Ads

All Facebook ads can we viewed here.

3 Segments represented by the Personas below, were used to identify the target audience’s most important values and ads were created to frame the strike within these values.

  • personas v2.0 - matrix
    personas v2.0 - matrix

personas v2.0 – new value based

We achieved a cost per striker of €0.87 CpE, €0.32 CpC and mobilized an estimated 26,902 adults (most likely a lot more) in Germany!

Find the YouTube Playlist of the 24.04. video ads here (which were adapted to ‘25.09.’).

campaign 25.09 – case study

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