On December 12th, people from around the world came together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. But there was no reason for celebration. Our leaders failed to contribute to a 1.5 degree pathway and the climate crisis is becoming uncontrollable.

FFF International couldn’t allow that to continue to happen. ‚ÄčThat’s why we created the #FightFor1Point5 Campaign: www.fridaysforfuture.org/fightfor1point5/

  • FightFor1Point5 - 5 Years Paris

The Campaign had 5 parts:

  1. Read: About
  2. Sign: Promise
  3. Join Action Map / Register
  4. Join: Webinars
  5. Share: Posts & Pic-Generator
  6. Opt-In to our FFF Int. Action Updates

Photo mosaic by: alwsanjose @ Mosaically

The campaign went through a webdesign process to ensure the best UX (User Experience), scaled down from the www.FridaysForFuture.org Redesign Process.

  • FightFor1Point5 - Campaign
    FightFor1Point5 - Campaign

Over 173 FFF Actions/Strikes from 40 countries took place and over 7,000 Individuals and 317 groups signed the #FightFor1Point5 Promise.
We analyzed not only the web traffic, but also what was happening in Social Media via this SMLR (Social Media Listening Report, more on why this is important here: Listening In).

  • FightFor1Point5 - Berlin
    FightFor1Point5 - Berlin

We produced a variety of videos and 3 webinars to complement the campaign.

  • FightFor1Point5 - Action Map
    FightFor1Point5 - Action Map

Find detailed results and insights in the case study below…and remember to choose your targets and KPIs prior to your campaign!

campaign F415 – case study

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