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Social Media Listening Platforms offer comprehensive analysis of the conversations happening around certain topics and keywords online.

For example you can follow how a piece of content becomes viral and who are the influencers fueling it:

Social Media Listening Platform - Talkwalker - Diffusion-Map
Social Media Listening Platform – Talkwalker – Diffusion-Map

“While a network, like a group, is a collection of people, it includes something more: a specific set of connections between people in the group. These ties, and the particular pattern of these ties, are often more important than the individual people themselves. They allow groups to do things that a disconnected collection of individuals cannot. The ties explain why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And the specific pattern of the ties is crucial to understanding how networks function.”
– Nicholas A. Christakis

network theory thinking
network theory thinking

With good influencer efforts you can have a huge impact bringing people on your side of an issue.

mobilizing influencer
mobilizing influencer

In 2019 you can see a clear increase of conversations in Germany around the quarterly global strikes using #FridaysForFuture.

campaign 29.11 - results - conversation volume
campaign 29.11 – results – conversation volume

Also in Germany, you can see the usage of the hashtags on Twitter around the 24.04

campaign 24.04 - smlr - twitter hashtags
campaign 24.04 – smlr – twitter hashtags

…and here the entire volume of conversations in Germany:

campaign 24.04 - smlr - hashtags
campaign 24.04 – smlr – hashtags

Intgrate these Social Signals into your campaign strategy.

campaign plan - big picture
campaign plan – big picture

Comprehensive Guide around Digital Listening, tools, etc. (mostly related to US Election Campaigning, but nevertheless insightful).

Great free tools for social media insights:

All HashTagStack

Free and best HashTag Analysis and Builder.

All Social Searcher

Free Social Media Search Engine with sentiment and keyword analysis.

Twitter SocialBearing

Free insights & analytics for tweets & timelines (keep adding 100 Tweets more)

Twitter Sentiment Viz

Tweet Sentiment Visualization

All SparkToro

Discover what your audience reads, watches, listens-to, and follows

Twitter FollowerWonk

Find, manage and analyze your followers.

Instagram & YouTube NinjaOutreach

Analyze any Instagram account for in-depth information

Instagram DisplayPurposes

Find influencers with the most powerful social engine on the web

Instagram MetaHashtags & IQ hashtags

Instagram Hashtag Generator

All SocialBlade

Social Blade compiles data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer, Instagram and SnapChat (beta) and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth.

All 20+ Social Media Tools

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