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What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.

It’s critical once a theory of change has been chosen, a target audience selected and a campaign gets planned, to establish a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)…your success metric (singular!).

kpi - key performance indicator
kpi – key performance indicator
KPI-flowchart – decide on appropiate action

The Social Impact Navigator aims to help you plan and launch your project. On this website, they explain what social impact is, what levels of results you can generate and how you monitor the progress and impact of your project.

digital marketing kpis - channel-specific
digital marketing kpis – channel-specific – focus on primary KPI

Free digital marketing panning and benchmarking templates and guide.

Try to always optimized against CpA (Cost per Action), so you don’t fall into the CpC (Cost per Click) Trap: even though the white banner has a better CpC, the green one has a better CpA.

cpc vs cpa
cpc vs cpa

If you are tracking an Action on your site, then you either need an AdServer Conversion Pixel or one from each media owner. This also means you probably need to update your privacy information!

And don’t forget to set a specific goal for your KPI beforehand, based on benchmarks.

How to Measure Social Impact – A step-by-step definition of social impact measurement, and how-to guide for selecting the right measurement framework (and metrics) for your organization

Below you find the German Attac Campaign Planning chart:

Attac - Campaign strategy
Attac – Campaign strategy

Enter fact-based decision-making and optimization!

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