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Securing the Future

In order to make the super election year 2021 in Germany the climate election year, we must also address groups in society that go beyond the progressive spectrum. But how and with which messages can we achieve this?

With advertising campaigns on social media, people can be addressed and activated who can no longer be reached via traditional channels. In addition, you can learn a lot about your target group: for which messages and framings are approved, which senders are trusted, which formats can be activated in the best possible way?

Around important political moments of the German EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020, Together for Future, supported by the European Climate Foundation and GSCC, launched 3 advertising campaigns on Facebook in order to provide citizens with a conservative background with messages about the need for a higher EU climate target. The results from the campaigns that have been carried out are now available (detailed results you can find in the PDF download at the end)…

  • Zukunft Sichern - Zielgruppe
    Zukunft Sichern - Zielgruppen

The overall objective was to strengthen German climate leadership within the EU by:

  • Reach conservative center-audience:
    1. inform about relevant content & strengthen climate commitment/change mindset/refute concerns
    2. make them engage with content (=read till end)
    3. make them act and influence conservative decision-makers
  • Testing: Ad Texts • Ad Senders • Ad images (but not designs) • Two distinct personas • A website vs. directly linking to online newspaper articles as landing page
  • Zukunft Sichern - UI
    Zukunft Sichern - UI

Elements of the Campaigns (Mobile 1st):

  • 4 campaigns (1 per month, 2 weeks duration each)
  • 3 articles per campaign + content on LP
  • 2 distinct target groups/personas (Bewahrer & Performer)

Various frames per target group and article:

  • 1 Landing Page (zukunft-sichern.info)
  • 2-3 ad senders (TFF, Zukunft Sichern, #natürlichEuropa )
  • 2 disclaimers/sponsors (TFF & DNR)
  • Zukunft Sichern - 2 - Bild

Political Moments = Key topics (Campaigns ran before the moments itself)

  • Early Sept (23rd): EU COM Impact Assessment for higher EU target
  • 15th/16th Oct: European Council meeting (MFF/Recovery budget and 2030 target discussions) 
  • 10th/11th Dec: European Council meeting (MFF/Recovery budget and 2030 target discussions)

Results per Campaign:

  • Zukunft Sichern - Campaign 1 Results
    Zukunft Sichern - Campaign 1 Results

campaign 1-3 – case study (PDF)

topic cloud