Gas is no solution

The first campaign of the EngageLab (a project by TogetherForFuture) was about Gas. The EL is a team of professional experts and a network of specialists to develop highly targeted digital campaigns that target primarily Conservatives in Germany.

EngageLab - Gas Campaign - Psychological Foundation
EngageLab – Gas Campaign – Psychological Foundation

Topics are strategically chosen to fill gaps in the communication of the wider Climate Movement and NGOs. Working with Climate Communication Psychologists and other leading topic experts in the field, the campaigns represent the latest in adtech and communication insights available.

EngageLab - Gas Campaign - User Journey
EngageLab – Gas Campaign – User Journey

To overcome the wrong perception of Gas being ‘green’ in general, a ‘must’ for the needed energy-transition and therefore a necessary ‘bridge-technology’, we targeted Conservatives with various frames in over 30 ads, leading to the campaign landing page for deep engagement.

EngageLab - Gas Campaign - Lobby
EngageLab – Gas Campaign – Lobby

A variety of message-tests and split-tests were conducted and different set of frames were evaluated in their effectiveness engaging the values of the target audience.

The campaign was primarily optimized for the lowest Cost-per-Engagement (CpE: read the entire content) and the final Call-to-Action (CTA) was to email the relevant politicians.

EngageLab - Gas Campaign - Winning Ads
EngageLab – Gas Campaign – Winning Ads

The campaign reached over 500,000 people with 2.3m ad impressions at an average CpE of €10,58. This was due to years of counter-information of the Gas-Industry and the fairly hard-to-convince non-progressive audience of the campaign, further substantiating the new for science-based communication.

Valuable insights about the right formats on Facebook and Instagram and the appropriate framing were gathered.

full case study [PDF]

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