/ FFF // Digital Climate Communication

// Understand and apply the latest trends and tactics in climate communication

/ Target Audience: All who want to continue their education in the field of climate communication strategy
// Training: uses the latest target group definitions from climate communication and explains how to develop targeted and relevant messaging concepts (storytelling) for campaigns.

The On / Offline Media campaign ‘15centsForFuture‘ for www.Klima-Streik.org for the global strike on 20.09.2019 will be analyzed and best practices defined.

 Also, social media DeepDives from FFF Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, flyers, etc.) are discussed and evaluated together.

Digital Marketing best practices (social, mobile, web, email, flyer) and free FFF tools are introduced and discussed.

/// Goal: Competence building in the field of climate communication

– Social Media Listening DeepDives with 6 months data and insights from FFF FB / IG / TW
– ’15centsForFuture’ mobilization campaign to 20.09. with many messaging tests

In his training (already held at #SoKo, #SMILEForFuture, #WebinareForFuture, OG Berlin, München, Heidelberg, Hamburg/NoKo, Berliner Klimatag, XR National Meeting, #HalleKongress, www.klimafakten.de, HealthForFuture,für das CAN – Climate Action Network International, StudentsForFuture, AlKo/GöKo, BUND Klimatag, XR National Meeting und LCOY 2022.) he will transfer as much of his knowledge as possible, because #ClimateChange knows no break …

/ Speaker: Chris was Microsoft & Nokia’s Global Vice President – Digital Marketing (www.linkedin.com/in/chrissch/) before retiring 5 years ago and since then exploring the world and often consulting StartUps and now – with his knowledge – the climate movement fulltime.

He is helping www.FridaysForFuture.de in terms of Strategy, Structure, Demands, Social Media, Cooperation, Video, for the local group FFF Berlin, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, and increasing internationally
He helps manage the German FFF LinkedIn Page.

In addition, he has helped at #AC2106 / #EndeGelände, #SoKoFuture, #SMILEforFuture, #NoKo and various strikes in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dortmund …

With www.TogetherForFuture.net he manages the media campaign ‘15centsForFuture‘ for www.klima-streik.org (over 300 NGO / Alliance partners), which mobilized German adults for the 20.09. global climate strike and for the global strike 29.11.2019.

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