Conservative Swing Voters

The September 2021 federal German election, the 50y+ voters represented 58% of all voters. They vote primarily conservative parties, such as CDU/CSU or SPD.

The objective of the campaign was therefore to reach these audiences, which can not be reached through organic traffic by Movement or NGO partners.
Engage them on a general call to vote for climate action & register for postal vote.

  • Election Campaign - Insights
    Election Campaign - Insights

We ran two separate campaigns with the sender Zukunft-Sichern.
Campaign 1: Vote For Climate & Register for Postal Vote (Tool)
Campaign 2: Vote For Climate >> See the the KlimaWahlHelfer (external Link/Tool) & Register for Postal Vote (Tool)

Our audience were: un-decided potential Climate Voters (Swing Voters). This group has voted mostly consistently for one party over the last decades, but feels that the climate issue/environmental issues have become pressing and their party does not give them a proper answer.

  • Election Campaign - Strategy
    Election Campaign - Strategy

The two campaigns ran for each 2 weeks, shortly before election and targeted both the MoreInCommon Segments: Established & Involved.

The Ads ran on primarily Facebook (and Instagram) and reached over half a million people. The average CpC was €0.71 and the KPI CpE ranged from €5.82 to €8.51.

  • Election Campaign - Results
    Election Campaign - Results

full case study [PDF]

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