Personas v3.0 (DE)

After using successfully the opinion-based segmentation model Personas v1.0 and then the value-based Personas v2.0, we are now recommending this 3rd version: based both on values and latest attitudes towards the ClimateCrisis in Germany.

This segmentation model and personas are useful to put yourself ‘in the shoes’ of your target audience, so you can craft campaigns, communication and talks, ‘picking’ your audience up.

The More in Common studies are being run in the USA, UK, France and Germany and are successfully being used in Climate Campaining.

In Germany they rely on a set of 6 segments:

The latest study of the attitudes of Germans towards the ClimateCrisis in early 2021 (Base: 2,000), resulted in 3 groups:

The societal Stabilizers, societal Poles and the invisible Third.

MiC has developed Segment-Cards, that highlight what each of them like, viewpoints and allow a quick understanding in their life-circumstances.

More In Common Gesellschaftliche Typenkarten

Here you can find some key insights about how Germans think about the ClimateCrisis:

  • MoreInCommon - Insights
    MoreInCommon - Insights

And here are the 6 Personas:

  • MoreInCommon - Personas - Die Offenen
    MoreInCommon - Personas - Die Offenen

Please find below the full presentation with insights about this study and the 6 Personas, bringing the segments to life…

personas v3.0 deck (DE)

topic cloud