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Climate change has an image problem!

The images that define climate change shape the way it is understood and acted upon.

Climate Tracker - Quality Photos
Climate Tracker – Quality Photos

But polar bears, melting ice and arrays of smoke stacks don’t convey the urgent human stories at the heart of the issue.

Climate Visuals is based on international social research: seven core principles to catalyse a new visual language for climate change.
This article discusses how Climate Visuals, translated research insights into these seven accessible Core Principles and created a reference library of hundreds of photographs for public use:

The world’s only evidence-based climate change photography resource; Climate Visuals

The Power of Visual Storytelling: 15 Examples

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15 Brilliant Examples of Visual Storytelling on Instagram

Many examples above.

Great resources to visualize data!

Easy tool to resize images for different social media channels.

How to Effectively Show Climate Change in 25 Images

Use visual images to make climate change feel real and immediate. This blog post offers tips on what types of visual images are best at educating audiences about the problem and engaging them on solutions. These include: know your audience, use real people not stock images, tell new stories about climate change, avoid shaming individuals, and couple disturbing images with something positive.

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