German Forrest is dying

In Anticipation of the German National Elections, ‘Climate’ needs to in TopOfMind Awareness/Top Problem to avoid a ‘Corona-Election’.

A key hurdle to establish this is the Present Bias

Present Bias : we tend to value immediate payoff over future rewards, even if that future reward is substantially greater than the immediate one

Humans are impatient and time-inconsistent and find it difficult to put future threats before current needs. Give us the rewards now and the costs later
Climate change, on the other hand, is a distant, abstract concept
We feel so disconnected from the issue and achieving that end goal would take many years, we do not feel the same incentive to act against climate change like we do for the COVID-19 pandemic
Each crisis requires the disruption of daily life as well as a complete upheaval of societal values and habits.

Solution: Brining the Climate Crisis into the Here, Now and People like Me!

The Forest is a very emotional topic for Germans. Especially Non-Progressives are an often neglected target audience in Climate Communication. Talking about ‘the German forest is dying’ offers the possibility to focus the audience on the cause (Droughts caused by Climate Change) and inspirations for additional solutions next to CO2 reduction can be offered…

  • Forrest Campaign - Strategy
    Forrest Campaign - Strategy

Only 22% of the German Forrest are considered healthy. The Harz Nationalpark is in particular bad shape and it is well-know in Germany and was hence used as the key example in the campaign.

The only correct solution: Reduction of CO2 / Climate Change
“Everything else won’t solve the problem!”

Based on the MoreInCommon Study, two Personas/Segments were chosen for this digital bought campaign on Facebook/Instagram: the Established & the Pragmatic.

  • Forrest Campaign - Psychology
    Forrest Campaign - Psychology

Based on psychological research, highly experiential digital engagements are best at influencing audiences. For this, a rich Landing Page Environment was created and the story of a dying forest was visualized in a Video.

The Key Performance Indicator was Content-Engagement measured through Experience-Visits. Furthermore, the Sharing of the Video was highly encourage, particularly on WhatsApp.

  • Forrest Campaign - Creative
    Forrest Campaign - Creative

Best Ad for Sharing this Video was a Polling-Ad on Facebook with 10.92€ per Video Share (CpVS).

Overall the campaign reached 1,363,442 people with 37 ad variations, delivering 4,014,838 impressions at a CostPerClick (CpC) of 0,83 € and a CostPerVisit (CpV) 4,91 € (KPI)!

  • Forrest Campaign - Results
    Forrest Campaign - Results

full case study [PDF]

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