Corona & Climate Crisis

corona & climate crisis - what now?

NewYorkTimes – Digital Storytelling: How the Virus Got Out

Corona & Climate crisis – what’s the difference? Time & Place! – Spiegel [DE]

corona & climate crisis - what's the difference
  • corona and climate crisis - vincent wallace
    corona and climate crisis - vincent wallace

Improving Public Engagement with Climate Change: Five “Best Practice” Insights from Psychological Science

The Decision Lab explorers the difference between the COVID and the Climate Crisis:

  1. Present Bias
  2. Green Recovery (also see below)
  3. Public Health (also see HealthForFuture)
  4. Nice try, but no cigar (also see ClimateCrisis Page)

The Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LondonSchoolofEconomincs, explains the stark differences between the policy approaches for climate change versus COVID-19 across the world.

  • corona & climate crisis - green stimulus 2009/10
    corona & climate crisis - green stimulus 2009/10

Great tracker by the Wuppertal Institute to assesses the alignment of EU member states’ national Covid-19 recovery programmes with the green transition.

By2020WeRiseUp: Offline tactics in times of corona – and beyond! – A small and inspiring toolkit

You can find more than 100 different examples of protests around the globe within the Covid19 situation in this initiative which is still collecting examples (check the ‘list’ tab).

Systems thinking goes beyond individual actions to connections, causes and consequences. Systems approaches incorporate tools and frameworks to help us do that, and to act in a way that reflects the complex and interconnected characteristics of our world.

system thinking - overview
system thinking – overview

CANVAS – Activism during a Pandemic – Summer Academy Session II

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