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Here you will find a small collection of great digital work on the topic of mastering the ClimateCrisis.

finding epic content
finding epic content

To stimulate your ideas, you can get acquainted with what others have done by perusing Actipedia, a user-generated database with thousands of creative actions divided by region, issue, medium, and, especially, effectiveness.

actipedia - a user-generated actions database
actipedia – a user-generated actions database

Get inspired by the most creative action experts in the world, including the Yes Men – ‘Laughtivism‘!
Here is their offline Toolbox.

Book Tips

How We Win: If anyone knows, it’s George Lakey, who’s been a guiding light of non-violent resistance since the Civil Rights struggle. (Here’s a webinar in which George talks about the book.)

The Path of Most Resistance: A great resource for planning campaigns by Ivan Marovic, one of the founders of Otpor (which helped overthrow Milosevic in 2000) and CANVAS (which went around counseling other movements in how to do it). Here’s a webinar in which Ivan talks about the book.


climate storytelling
climate storytelling

BBC – Six graphics that explain climate change

Sueddeutsche Zeitung – Anatomie einer Katastrophe [DE]

Mission 2020 – The day after Paris Presentation

Earthtime – Stories that unlock Earth’s data

Skeptical Science – Global Warming & Climate Change Myths

ClimateJusticeAlliance – Story Snapshot Podcast

MinutesForFuture – in Minuten bedeutsames für den Klimaschutz tun [DE]

Bloomberg Data Dash:A Live Climate Scoreboard for the World – The 2020 Climate Election Test


Great example of a ‘Get Involved‘ Page with emphasis on sharing your messages

Make it as easy as possible for Influencers (and everyone with a following) to share pre-written posts, pix and widgets!

UN Climate Neutral now – Climattitude Quiz, carbon footprint calculator & carbon offsetting

CHOOOSE – support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects

Earth Day’s Climate Change Quiz & Washington Post’s Climate Change Quiz


Beautiful Trouble Strategy Card Deck

Climate Interactive – World Climate Change Policy Simulater Game & Climate Action Simulation Group Role-Play Game

UNDP – Mission 1.5 a game-changer

WeDontHaveTime – App

Vaccinator Quest – interactive online game, delivering Vaccines

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