Digital Storytelling

Narratives are always in conversation with each other. Whether in history, science, political campaigns, advertising, even personal relationships. Check Greenpeace’s Storytelling Guide & Checklist.

Using Story to Change Systems – Three qualities of story and narrative

Counter narratives are stories that can challenge or offset the dominant narratives and weaken their power. What are some possible strategies to promote counter narratives?

Below are 13 Strategies for Storytelling, organized by the following categories:

1 Character

2 Plot & Symbolism

3 Scale & Pace

4 Perspective

StoryTelling Book List.

Principles of Transmedia

Jenkins then establishes his seven principles:

    1. Spreadability vs. Drillability
    2. Continuity vs. Multiplicity
    3. Immersion vs. Extractability
    4. Worldbuilding
    5. Seriality
    6. Subjectivity and Performance
TED PlayList: How to tell a story
“Storytelling and Social Change” guide!

Narrative Stress Test

Checklist for Using Narrative Strategies for Change by Center for Media Justice

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