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Culture jamming (sometimes guerrilla communication, also Brandalism, Subvertising, Laughtivisim or Hacktivsim) is a protest used by many anti-consumerist social movements to disrupt or subvert media culture and its mainstream cultural institutions, including corporate advertising.

It attempts to “expose the methods of domination” of a mass society to foster progressive change.

Srdja (CANVAS): “When picking and issue, or govt policy/action you want to target you need to look into:

  1. What are widely held beliefs (like people have right to assemble, or govt should be accountable etc)
  2. How concrete politics action PERSONALLY affects people (oppression, corruption, kids cant get medicine, things of that kind) and
  3. Which tactic will be provocative enough but NOT too divisive.”
  • guerrilla communication - tinder - hong kong
    guerrilla communication - tinder - hong kong

The Science (PPTX) behind Dilema Actions and Laughtivism – Sophia McClennen, Prof. at Penn State University: Laughtivism works at least 2x  better than than ‘just’ non-violent actions

The Yes Menhacktivism at its best!

  • hacktivism - yes men - dow chemical cares - yes men - coal cares
    hacktivism - yes men - dow chemical cares - yes men - coal cares

Movement of Action People – ImprovEveryWhere – Tons of group actions!

The Street Art Manual is the world’s first book to combine tactical guidance with practical advice on creating street art in public spaces

AOC Inspires Group To Run False Facebook Ads Testing Mark Zuckerberg – here‘s the ad.

10 Tactics Remixed curates snapshots of information-activism & tactics database

Brandalism Take Over 100 UK Billboards

Peng! is an explosive concoction of activism, hacking and art battling the barbarism of our time.

Great list of examples and resources – Using Humor to Expose the Ridiculous

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