Skill up!

1. Social Media Platforms & Digital Campaigning

AdEspresso/Hootsuite hast a big free collections of eBooks about communication and campaigning on Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here’s my WebinarForFuture about Facebook Page & Post Best Practices and here the deck. [DE]

Facebook (for Business) – Instagram Best Practices & Creative Examples

facebook business - instagram best practices
facebook business – instagram best practices

Facebook (for business) – Guides

facebook business - guides
facebook business – guides

Facebook (for Business) – Instagram Guidelines
For Facebook, Instagram, please always delete your photo’s meta data.

facebook business - instagram guidelines
facebook business – instagram guidelines

Grabbing someone’s attention and heart in a mobile feed is important – with mobile video, you can forge even deeper emotional connections.

Get new skills for a digital world – Free Google Digital Garage: Learn at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

Free Online Courses from Google about Campaigns [DE]

openTransfer Akademie – Many free Webinars around Digital Tools and Digital Organizing [DE]

Cannes Lion – Creative Online Courses

cannes lion - creative courses
cannes lion – creative courses

2. Organizing & Movement Building

350.orgTrainings - trainings – trainings

DIY (Development, Impact & You) by nesta offers practical tools and trainings to trigger & support social innovation.

Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator. They give progressive organizers the tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.


The Mobilize AcademyMovement Building

CANVAS – Center for Applied Non-violent Actions & Strategies – How to build a movement

cannes lion - creative courses
cannes lion – creative courses

Explore nonviolent resistance manuals and handbooks from around the world.

Mobilization Lab – Campaign Planning Frameworks

canvas - campaign planning framework
canvas – campaign planning framework

Global Change Lab – a training hub for global activists, with more great tools, trainings, books and movies lists!

Seeds for Change (UK) provides training and workshops for co-ops, campaigns and community projects that are working for social and ecological justice.

Organising for Change offers a core three day ‘Organising for Change’ training for campaigners from grassroots groups and NGOs.

Social Movement Technologies is a non-profit/NGO providing organizing strategy, training and campaign support to build people power and win in the digital age.

Global Climate Strike – upcoming webinars & trainings

Jane McAlevey: Organizing for Power: STRIKE SCHOOL! – An online training and networking program for organizers around the world.

German Skills for Utopia is offering a wide range of free trainings [DE].

Tipping Points from Austria offers regular workshops and trainings [DE] for social movements.

3. Climate Knowledge, Solutions and Skills

Climaware is offering a Starter Course on Climate Knowledge [DE]

350 ‘Global Just Revovery Gathering‘, 04/2021 – various Video Sessions are available here.

Climate Action Summit II – Financing the Race to Zero, 04/2021 – YT Videos are here.

4. FridaysForFuture Webinars

FridaysForFuture Germany #WirBildenZukunft [DE]

WebinareForFuture [DE, only for FFF Activists]

FridaysForFuture InternationalTalks For Future

Great guide for activists…talking to the media.

German Book & Docu Tips:

Don’t forget the insights about campaigning, communicating and videos/photos!

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